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I just finished reading your ebook and I really enjoyed it. Congratulations on the beautiful and thorough work you both must have done to create it!

I liked how Everyday Handstand covered more than just the essentials to handstands. That it also covered foot flexibility, sun salutations, and lots more, making it much more holistic than just sharing one handstand drill after the other. Many of the exercises you’ve included in the ebook I also use and enjoy in my yoga and handstand practice but some were completely new to me, which was a nice inspiration for me.

I liked that the ebook was written from Paul’s personal perspective. It was philosophical in some parts, which I enjoyed. Paul’s stories of his own handstand journey were really inspiring and I loved the small anecdotes along the way, such as “this is a journey, not a race”. Paul’s personal stories showed an important point about the handstand journey – that it is about so much more than just doing a handstand. It’s also about what we learn on the way there, the fears we face, the challenges we overcome, the patience and self-discipline we build, and so on.
– Camilla Mia

A wonderful book, lovely photos and well laid out text.

“Everyday Handstand” is a sincere conversation with us from Paul’s soul and, as it became evident by the Prologue, is an expression of his lifelong self-reflections, frustrations, accomplishments, challenges, peaks, falls, struggles with himself and the world around him, and the pureness of joy and pride from embracing those experiences and simply doing a handstand.

To some readers, this book may be a wonderful step-by-step manual on how to do something we never thought we could. To others, Everyday Handstand may be a metaphor for Paul’s journey and the journey we all take. And for some, we may be inspired by Paul, guided by his instruction and, eventually, take our first steps toward our own “Handstand”.

However we each engage with Everyday Handstand, there is much to learn and process from Paul’s teachings and experience, and we are privileged he has shared a part of himself through this work.

Now get to those joint mobility exercises on page 1 and see how the world looks “upside-down”!!!!

-Travis Callahan

I love what Paul and Sara did in this book. I am always inspired when people have a passion or dream and turn it into a reality. It is an inspiration when someone later in life, sets a challenging physical goal and achieves it. Paul did this in his quest to master the handstand and share this experience in his book. He has shown us that age does not need to be a boundary that limits us, but an opportunity for continued growth both physically and mentally. Thank you!
-Sean L.

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